Regrouping, rebuilding and, hopefully, returning…

I’ve been away from the writing world for so long there wasn’t much point in keeping my old website so I’m rebuilding. Pardon the mess. Or lack there of.

Since there have been some issues with one of my publishers, I’m only linking to books where I’m receiving my royalties. I won’t tell you not to buy from them but I won’t encourage it either.

I hope to have some new material before the end of the year, probably self-published. Keep an eye here for any updates.

Hugs & kisses!

One thought on “Regrouping, rebuilding and, hopefully, returning…”

  1. I’m sorry your publishers are screwing you over. I know Kindle Unlimited has also ruined the environment for indie authors and publishers alike, making it impossible to make any money. I’ve never bought ebooks from Amazon unless I couldn’t get them elsewhere. I intentionally never bought a Kindle because as a consumer I refused to be enslaved to one file extension. You area great talent, I’ve followed you from the beginning. Best wishes, good luck and please don’t stop writing and publishing.

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