Get to know the types of tissue paper Which one is used for what?

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When you think of tissue paper, you probably can’t escape the white rolls of paper. It is a multi-purpose item that we all need to use in our daily life from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. There are many different types of tissue paper and different ways to use them.

Tissue paper is a multi-purpose paper that supports the needs of various uses, whether it be wiping, storing, absorbing, wrapping, or cleaning various surfaces. It can be said to be one of the essential items in daily life that It is another necessary and indispensable item. Tissue paper can also be divid into different types. Each type has different purposes of use. Therefore, UFABET recommend we should choose tissue paper that is appropriate for our use for maximum efficiency.

Toilet paper which is see in rolls: Should not be use to wipe your face or eyes. Shouldn’t be wrappe in food. Shouldn’t use it to hold food or Shouldn’t use it to absorb oil because in the production process Substances. Such as sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and dioxin are use. Which is a carcinogen and remains in the paper.

Facial tissue paper (Tissue Paper): Used for blotting the face after washing the face or removing makeup. It is tough-soft. Specially after use it should not be thrown away in the toilet. It will easily cause the pipe to become clogged.

Paper napkins (Table paper napkins): used for tableware. Use instead of napkins for eating. You should not use toilet paper instead. Which is commonly use and should not flush it into the toilet. because it can easily clog the water pipe.

    Paper Hand Towel: Is tough not fray or easily torn when in contact with water absorbs water well produc for use on the skin. But should not be brought into contact with food Or use it to absorb oil from food.

    Multi-purpose paper (Paper Towel): For use in general housework. Instead of floor cloth or table cloth Can be use to absorb oil from frying but should not be use on the skin.

    When you bring toilet paper to wipe your face The paper will fray and stick to your face, and you will need to use more sheets. If you use facial tissue, you may use 1 sheet, but if you use toilet paper, you may use 5-6 sheets or 1-2 feet. On the other hand, if you use softer facial tissue to clean, it will clog the toilet. Because facial tissues do not have water-digesting properties. In the end, you have to call a technician to strip the pipe, for example. Using it correctly will lead to no loss Losslessness leads to savings. Frugality leads to wealth.