4 formulas for playing baccarat to get money

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4 formulas for playing baccarat to get money

For playing baccarat, there is a formula that many Baccarat masters UFABET. By these baccarat formulas are derived from playing in real games. Come many times. So you can confident that the formula. That we give you can use for real playing with playing baccarat.

1. Table Tennis Betting Formula

The first formula is to watch the game like ping-pong. By observing the statistics of the game or counting by yourself at least 5 eyes or more. If the banker and the player side have a winning turn That means there’s a ping-pong formula going on. Then you count how many rounds of winning and losing there are. Then you bet on alternate sides according to the number of rounds you can count. It allows you to easily profit from playing.

2. Dragon-based betting formula

The next recipe is a simple one. Give your luck for sure with the dragon card formula. This means that whenever one side wins 4-5 consecutive turns. You keep placing bets on that side. until the cards have been changed That’s all it allows you to earn profits without having to plan a lot.

3. 1-3-2-6 betting formula 

This betting formula does not require you to place bets on either side or vice versa. which you will have to use observation and bet on your own But this formula is the formula for placing bets to get profit. And even if you lose a lot of bets, you will not lose your capital. using the 1-3-2-6 deposit principle

4. The formula for compounding according to the target

For the last formula that we will recommend. This is a compound bet formula to get the target money. By letting you observe the game first. Which side has more rounds of winning, bet accordingly. Until there is a change, you stop betting and choose a new bet side. The way to bet is to place a bet at the same money risk. If it is lost, it shall be compounded according to the amount. If you win, go back to your original bet.