Germany boss reveals reason for hiring Havertz to play left-back

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Germany boss reveals reason for hiring Havertz to play left-back for the national team.

Kai Havertz entered the field for the German national team last Saturday. He plays in the left-back position, which Julian Nagels Mann has explained.

Julian Nagels, the manager of the German national team, revealed the reason for recruiting Kai Havertz, a midfielder from Arsenal , the third-place team in the Premier League, to play in the left-back position in Saturday’s game.

The Iron Eagles team warms up at home against Turkey. But they suffered a heartbreaking loss, losing 2-3. However, the 36-year-old surprised fans with a midfielder. The Gunners Playing in the left back position Plus, he can score goals as well.

After the game, Nagelsmann spoke out about the reason why Havertz was sent to play in that position through Fabrizio Romano’s X that

“I don’t see it as a risk. But it is an important opportunity to play a more important role in the Euros.”

“Kai said he wanted to play. He wanted to try it out. At first, it might be an uncomfortable position. But he did really well,” told ยูฟ่าเบท

The next few months will decisive for the German international, with a decision likely to be made either May or June. 

If the 23-year-old leaves this summer, going to a club with Champions League football will be crucial for him. Chelsea would accept a bid of around €60m for the attacking midfielder.