Jesus is very please debut game for Arsenal

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Jesus is very please with in his debut game for Arsenal.

Arsenal new striker Gabriel Jesus said after the 5-3 win over Bundesliga. He score two goals in this game. And his first goal came. After just 90 seconds on the pitch.

The spearhead cost 52 million euros played in the second half. And can score goals immediately. Before contributing to the comeback team in this game

“I’m proud of being able to play at a big club. I’ve been working with the team for 4-5 days now and I want to thank everyone at Arsenal. Because they make me feel at home everyone came to talk and wish me luck We are all glad to have you here. Of course, I’m happy to be here as well.”

“Scoring goals is already great. Now my body is in good shape. There are times when it needs more time from not running at all for more than 20 days. Not doing much other than trying to sleep with my boyfriend and baby.”

“Today’s game was difficult in the first half. We understand it’s because we are a young team playing on the pitch and they are a very strong team. They play long ball And it’s not easy to play with. Finally we can come back because everyone helps each other as a team.”