Manchester United commander set to invade Thailand

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Manchester United commander. the set to invade Thailand against Singha All-Star 9 years ago

Many people will interest in the historic match “Red Fury” in Thailand. Manchester United vs Liverpool on July 12 2022. Unfortunately we will not get to see the number one superstar like Ronaldo. Who has been facing some personal problems and is unable to go on a pre-season tour on this trip.

But if going back almost ten years ago, Red Devils fans in Thailand would probably remember the last time that Red Devils partisan The big team invaded Siam to play in the pre-season game against Singha All Star on July 13, 2013, or 9 years ago.

The game that day ended with the victory of Singha All Stars team from “Lesor” Theerathep Winothai’s goal in the 50th minute. Which was the tone goal to force the defeat for David Moyes’ team 1- 0 finally

Today, we would like to take 90MiN fans back in time to see who the Manchester United commanders played 9 years ago. And how strong will it look? Let’s go see…

11 lineup

Goalkeeper – Ben Amos, the
third goalkeeper for the team at the time. He was given opportunity to play. On the post in place of De Gea and Lindegaard for the full 90 minutes of the game.

Centre-back – Rio Ferdinand,
a 34-year-old veteran defender at the end of his career. After many successes with the previous club

Center Back – Jonny Evans,
25-year-old centre-back at the time, despite playing some games. But can not hold the main character in the team permanently.

Right-back – Brazilian defender Fabio da Silva spent 22 years. That season with little chance of playing for the team. Before deciding to move out in the next round of transferring players