Roma waits to see the situation “Zaha” hopes to join the army

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Roma waits to see the situation “Zaha” hopes to join the army. After the players have the last year of their contract.

Roma have expressed interest in signing Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha from the Premier League. Whose contract expires in the middle of next year.

The 29-year-old attacker is contracted until mid 2023, he is the club’s highest-paid player. And is the main player who has been with the team for a long time by “Eagle Kaew” trying to renew a new contract with him. But still can not reach an agreement. As well as they are willing to listen to only reasonable offers for which teams want a player, with AS Roma citing his name and the possibility of bringing. team up

Zaha was a product of Crystal Palace’s youth team. Before joining Manchester United. But was rarely given the opportunity to play as a result. He move back to playing with Palace again since 2015.

Crystal Palace attacking midfielder Wilfrie Zaha has decide to play for the Ivory Coast team in Africa. After previously playing for the England national team In warm-up matches against Sweden in 2012 and Scotland in 2013.

Ivory Coast Football Federation “Ivory Coast attacking midfielder. Wilfried Zaha has chosen to play for the Ivory Coast. On behalf of Wilfried Zaha’s father, Oscusti Sidi Diallo, president of the Ivory Coast Football Federation and Ivory Coast head coach Michel Dussuyer, have also appear. Name in the need of the player to submit a complaint to FIFA. in choosing to play for the Ivory Coast.”