Treatment of H. pylori infection

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Treatment of H. pylori infection

When a patient is found to be infected with H. pylori Your doctor will prescribe a specially formulated antibiotic. Because bacteria in the stomach have a high chance of drug resistance. Antibiotic formulations are diverse. Must be used together 2-3 types, which Treatment of H. pylori infection must be taken continuously for 1-2 weeks, according to the suitability of the drug and individual patients.

In addition, if an infected patient is found within a family living together or eating the same food should undergo an infection test to be treated at the same time to prevent recurrence of infection. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Prevention of H. pylori infection

  • Wash your hands every time. before preparing or eating food
  • Avoid eating food and drinking water that is unclean. including undercooked food
  • Always keep cooking utensils and utensils clean.
  • If there is an abnormality in the gastrointestinal tract or chronic gastritis Should see a doctor to determine the real cause. Including the detection of H. pylori as well.

Although gastritis is a disease that is not life-threatening. But leaving it until it becomes chronic gastritis It may increase the risk of stomach cancer. Especially those at risk. Who like to eat raw food. or have a family member who has been diagnosed with H. pylori infection. You should see a doctor to check for infection. and receiving treatment in the right way to be completely cured

Thai people have known stomach disease for a long time.

That it is caused by not eating food on time. Eat spicy food and leave the stomach empty until the acid in the stomach bites the stomach Abdominal pain coming and going before and after meals and the symptoms will be relieved if eating It is also a non-life-threatening disease. therefore often neglected Most patients will buy antacids to eat by themselves. When the symptoms improved, it was overlooked. which in fact Stomach disease must be properly and consistently treated. Because if left until chronic can lead to serious illnesses especially gastric cancer